Terms of service

Terms of Service

mountain lake realty is a licensed company that may assist in real estate transactions. mountain lake realty may also provide drafting suggestions, explanations of typical outcomes, suggested process actions and digital signature capabilities in connection with your use of the services. nevertheless, you alone are responsible for all actions taken and all contracts transmitted in connection with the purchase or sale of your home. you alone are responsible for reading and understanding your purchase contract and the transaction and process outlined therein. if you do not understand any portion of the contract, the process or transaction, you must reach out to mountain lake realty for clarification. you understand and agree that mountain lake realty is not negotiating, generating, drafting or completing any contracts or transactions on your behalf mountain lake realty cannot and does not make any decisions for you and it is your responsibility to verify all contract drafts and actions that you take are accurate and in your best interest before signing any contracts or completing any transactions. your use of and interaction with mountain lake realty does not create client relationship between you and mountain lake realty you are a customer not a client you ; will coordinate your own escrow. you agree that all forms, purchase agreements, disclosure statements, and other documents transmitted by or through the services, even if prepared using any of the services, are drafted by you, and by signing any such documents, you expressly acknowledge and agree that you alone are responsible for the content thereof. you are solely responsible for complying with the terms and conditions contained in any such contract, including meeting any deadlines, and you alone are responsible for the consequences of any breach or nonperformance under any such contracts. by physically or electronically signing any such documents produced or transmitted through the services, you expressly represent and warrant that you have read and that you understood all provisions contained therein. further, by signing any documents produced or transmitted by or through the services, you expressly release mountain lake realty from any liability (i) in connection with the content, legality and enforceability of such documents, (ii) related to the subject matter thereof, or, (iii) arising out of the transactions contemplated there before executing any document by or through the services,mountain lake realty recommends that you contact an independent real estate attorney to answer any legal or contract related questions. mountain lake realty expressly disclaims any liability for, and you further agree to indemnify mountain lake realty in connection with, any dispute arising out of or related to your use of the services and the content of, and your compliance or non-compliance with, any contract produced or transmitted by or through the services. professional advice. user understand and acknowledge that mountain lake realty is not trained or licensed to provide professional advice regarding the physical or legal condition of any property. mountain lake realty is also not trained or licensed in tax matters pertaining with the sale or purchase of any property. mountain lake realty advises buyers and sellers to not rely on any agents of the company for a determination regarding the physical or legal condition of the property. non-agency: when a broker is working with a buyer or seller, but not representing them, this is referred to as non-agency. the broker is working with a “customer” and not a “client” and is acting in the capacity of a facilitator rather than an agent. we provide these services only as a facilitator. as a seller you represent your own property. by agreeing to these terms you are authorizing mountain lake realty to present your contact information to potential buyers, agents, and our preferred vendors who are interested in your property. our services consist of entering the information you submit to the multiple listing service directory and other online real estate related sites. we provide broker support in the form of suggestions. all final decisions, changes, actions, and outcomes are the responsibility of you, the seller, and must be made solely by the seller. mountain lake realty cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from our broker suggestions.mountain lake realty is a limited service broker and does not have an agency relationship with anyone.