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Use seller concessions to lower your home price or monthly mortgage payment. We make the home buying process easier and more affordable, saving you thousands in the long run.

Seller concessions in a real estate contract are typically used to assist the buyer with various costs associated with purchasing a home. Here are some common uses for seller concessions:

  1. Closing Costs:

    • Covering expenses such as loan origination fees, title insurance, appraisal fees, and attorney fees.

  2. Repairs and Improvements:

    • Addressing necessary repairs identified during the home inspection or making agreed-upon improvements.

  3. Prepaid Expenses:

    • Paying for items like property taxes, homeowners insurance, and mortgage interest.

  4. Home Warranty:

    • Providing a home warranty to cover potential future repairs and maintenance issues.

  5. Discount Points:

    • Buying down the buyer’s mortgage interest rate by paying points upfront.

  6. Mortgage Insurance:

    • Covering the cost of mortgage insurance, especially in cases of low down payments.

  7. HOA Fees:

    • Paying homeowners association dues for a specified period.

  8. Buyer’s Move-In Costs:

    • Assisting with moving expenses or other immediate costs related to moving into the new home.


Seller concessions can make a home more attractive to buyers by reducing their upfront costs, thereby facilitating a smoother transaction.